• Our Goal:
    Re-Uniting the World’s Spiritual Traditions
    By Mark Amaru Pinkham

    Our Holy Grail and Sri Lanka conferences are being organized to unite the people, cultures, and religious traditions from all around the world as part of the revival of the ancient Goddess Tradition. These international events are necessary in order to override the divisive influence of religious fundamentalism that has separated people throughout the Earth for the past two thousand years and prevented us from recognizing our inherent oneness. The revival of the Goddess Tradition will strip away the apparent differences in the world’s religions and reveal that their essence, goals and origins are the same.
    The Goddess Tradition was first manifest on the ancient Motherlands. In its earliest manifestation it was the path of transformation leading to union with Spirit that was first promulgated on the Pacific Motherland of Lemuria or Mu by the Sons of God to the “Daughters of Men.” These incipient culture bearers taught their earthly spouses healing, divination, astrology, gemology, herbology, and alchemy, which are currently the components of the modern Goddess Tradition in its manifestation as Wicca, Witchcraft, New Age Spirituality, and Paganism.
    According to the esoteric history of eastern Asia, the Sons of God arrived on Earth from the planet of the Goddess, Venus, which had been a stepping stone for them as they traveled to our world from their distant homes in other star systems and galaxies. Leading the Sons of God were two Twin brothers, who are today remembered in almost all cultures and tribes that possess a creation myth. Within these myths the Twin boys have variously been referred to as Sanat and Sananda Kumara (Kumara is a Sanscrit word denoting “Son of God”), the Ashwin Twins, the Kaberoi Twins, Castor and Pollux, the Ahayuta of the Zuni, Monster Slayer and Child of the Waters of the Navaho, and Hunapu and Xbalenque of the Maya and Toltecs. The Mexican tribes also venerated them as the morning and evening positions of Venus, i.e., the Morning and Evening Stars, which transmitted both creative and destructive power to Earth. Thus, to the Maya and many other cultures, the Twin boys personified the eternal polarity of light and dark, creation and destruction, which are the two powers of their “mother,” Venus. Legends arose that
    the Twin boys had been born from Venus, the Universal Goddess, and then brought Her powers of creation and destruction with them to Earth.
    On Lemuria, the Twin boys founded schools within which they could teach the various aspects of the Goddess Tradition. They taught that the Goddess was pure energy, chi or prana. She had created the universe, She continues to preserve and nourish the universe, and She will destroy it at the end of time by returning it to its original form of pure energy. The Twins and the other Sons of God taught how to move and manipulate this Goddess power for healing and manifestation purposes, but most importantly they taught how to awaken a higher frequency of this energy that lies dormant at the base of the human spine. Once awakened, this evolutionary force, known as the Goddess’s destructive force, or as the serpentine “Kundalini” in the East and the Holy Spirit in the West, destroys all aspects of a person that keep them from knowing their true nature as the Infinite Spirit and Creator of the Universe incarnate in a physical form. As it moves up the spine this power cleanses a person of all his or her limited beliefs and ego-centric motivations while awakening the seven chakra centers of divine wisdom or gnosis that lie along the spine. These centers awaken a person from the illusory dream of physical reality and reveal his or her true identity and innate spiritual abilities. He or she then becomes a living Serpent of Wisdom, overflowing with divine wisdom and spiritual power.
    When Lemuria broke up into islands and parts of it sank to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, many Serpents of Wisdom of the Goddess Tradition traveled to the adjoining Pan-Pacific countries and therein founded new schools to teach their wisdom. In India, they established schools of yoga and meditation and became known as Nagas, the Sanscrit word for “Serpents.” In China, they founded the path of Taoism and became known by their students as Lung, or “Dragons.” And in Peru, the Lemurian missionaries founded the yogic school of the Seven Rays and presided over it as Amarus, the Inca-Quechuan word for “Serpents.” Their Lemurian leader was the adept Aramu or Amaru Muru, the “Serpent” Muru, who brought with him from Lemuria priceless records and the great Solar Disc, a power object that had come with the Sons of God from Venus and was then placed in one of the important temples on Lemuria. After changing his name to Manco Kapac and founding the Inca Empire, Aramu Muru hung the Solar Disc in the main temple of the Incas, the Inti Wasi, the “Place of the Sun,” which was covered inside and out with
    thick sheets of gold. Following the Spanish invasion of Peru, the Solar Disc was taken to Lake Titicaca and is said to currently lie at the bottom of the sacred lake.
    The Serpents of Wisdom also traveled west from Lemuria to the western Motherland of Atlantis or the Old Red Land where they transplanted the alchemical tradition of the Twin Boys, who in their new home became known as the Kaberoi Twins and venerated as the two serpents spiraling up the caduceus - which is simply a map of the human spine and its indwelling Kundalini power. Later, during the demise of Atlantis, initiates of the Kaberoi tradition transported their tradition to Egypt and promulgated their wisdom to the natives as the Djedhi, a name for “Serpents.” In their new land of Khemit (the ancient name of Egypt), the Serpents honored their heritage by making the symbol of Venus, the Ank, their esteemed symbol of immortality. But besides Egypt, the Atlantean Serpents also moved their esoteric rites to some of the volcanic islands in the Mediterranean, including Samothrace, Lemnos, and Rhodes. These islands possessed natural destructive/transformative energies that vibrated at a similar frequency to the inner transformative Kundalini power. They were, therefore, conducive to and supportive of the rites involved in awakening the inner evolutionary power.
    Another important destination of the Lemurian Serpents was the Middle East, where they founded the alchemical tradition of the Sumerian Serpent Enki, Lord of Magic and Gnostic Wisdom. Enki was the Sumerian name for the Twin boy that embodied the Goddesses destructive power, thus making him synonymous with the destructive/transformative Kundalini. Thousands of years before the Holy Bible was written, Enki was the Sumerian Serpent on the Tree in the Garden of Eden. He was, however, not considered evil but venerated as a beneficent deity that taught humanity the path to both gnosis and immortality.
    Some of the original founders of Enki’s esoteric tradition in the Middle East were the Mandeans, a gnostic sect that still survives in southern Iraq. The adepts of the Mandeans, known as the Nasurai, a term meaning “Serpents,” left that part of Lemuria that is today known as the island of Sri Lanka and traveled west with the teachings of Sanat Kumara, which is an eastern name of the Goddess’s destructive Twin. Today, on Sri Lanka, which Moslems worldwide recognize as the true Garden of Eden, Sanat Kumara is still recognized by many of his devotees as the Serpent on
    the Tree in the eastern Garden of Eden who greeted Adam after the first man climbed down from Adam’s Peak, the second highest mountain on the island. In India, it is believed that Sanat Kumara became synonymous with the serpentine Kundalini when he merged with it, thereby becoming the first Serpent of Wisdom. As the word’s incipient Kundalini Master, he founded many lineages of yoga adepts that still survive on the Indian sub-continent.
    According to their own history, after leaving Sri Lanka the Mandeans merged consecutively with the Sumerians, Egyptians, Persians and finally, with the Jewish Essenes, within which they founded a branch of Serpents known as Nasoreans or Nazarenes. Within this Essene sect was born the Nasurai Masters John the Baptist and Jeshua ben Joseph. The prophet John the Baptist passed the Kundalini power of the lineage to Jeshua, who in turn passed it to John the Apostle and Mary Magdalene, the two disciples at the foot of the Cross. From them it passed down a line of masters all named John, an epithet that was never meant to be a name but a title, meaning “He of Gnostic Wisdom and Power.” The English John was an evolution of the Sanscrit Jnana Pandita, which was a name for Sanat Kumara meaning the “Teacher of Gnosis.”
    When the Knights Templar were founded in the Holy Land in 1118 A.D., the presiding John of the gnostic lineage from the East was an adept named Theoclete. Theoclete passed the power and wisdom of the lineage to the first Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Hughes de Payen, who then transferred it to the lineage of future Templar Grand Masters. Having inherited the power of the gnostic lineage from the “Johns,” the Templars subsequently referred to themselves as Johannites, and since their lineage had originated with the masters from Venus, the planet whose symbol is the rose, the Knights also chose as one of their titles “Knights of the Rose Cross.” During their persecution from the Pope and King Philip IV during the 14th Century the Templar Knights passed on the wisdom of the Venusian rose to the secret societies they helped spawn, including the Rosicrucians, Freemasons, and Illuminati. As descendants of the Venusain path, these later sects also sought the goal of gnosis through awakening the inner transformative power through the practice of alchemy. They adopted the fiery red rose of Venus as the symbol of their fiery path of alchemical unfoldment. Ultimately, the rose became the symbol of all
    the most esoteric mysteries, which commonly became known as Sub-Rosa, or “Under the Rose.”
    The power and wisdom of the Venusian lineage remained within the Templar order for many generations, but it was eventually lost. However, the Sinclair Clan of Scotland, which had been intimately involved with the Templars since Hughes de Payen married its matriarch, Catherine de St. Clair, assumed the role of preserving the Templars’ gnostic rites and history. The Templar wisdom was encoded into the design and images attached to the inner and outer walls of Rosslyn Chapel by its builder, Earl William Sinclair, and the gnostic documents and scriptures acquired by the Templars in the Holy Land were sealed in the crypt below the chapel. It is believed that when these documents come to light in the future they will prove that Jeshua or Jesus was not the “One and only Son of God” but a member of a long lineage of many Sons of God from the East. They will also reveal that John the Apostle and Mary Magdalene, not St. Peter, were the true heirs of Jesus’ spiritual power and divine wisdom. Finally, it is also destined to become known that the true Holy Grail that the Templars were sworn to protect - and that western seekers of wisdom have perused for ages - is the spiritual power that was passed to them from the ancient gnostic lineage of the East. It is this transformative power of the Goddess that can truly grant immortality.
    Summary & Conclusion
    The teachings of the Goddess Tradition came to Earth from Venus via the Sons of God and were eventually spread around the globe. These teachings, which are the essence of all spiritual paths, include the path of alchemical transformation that leads to the inner gnostic revelation of I AM SPIRIT IN A PHYSICAL FORM, I AM THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, I HAVE EXISTED FOR ETERNITY.
    The ancient teachings have survived, but in order to protect themselves they have had to become secretive. For thousands of years they have been the “underground” teachings of the clandestine mystery schools. But now, with the revival of the Goddess Tradition, these teachings are resurfacing and becoming more available to all seekers of wisdom. When enough of these ancient teachings have resurfaced in various places around the globe they can reunite as one, just as they were on Lemuria. This process of reunion is being facilitated by the current movement of gatherings and conferences worldwide wherein representatives of various traditions can come together to explore and acknowledge their common links and heritage. Ultimately, this trend will lead to a one-world spiritual tradition that both encompasses and embraces the entire globe. Everyone is invited to participate in manifesting this supreme goal and the new world it will engender.
    Mark Amaru Pinkham KGCTpl is the North American Grand Prior of the International Order of Gnostic Templars and author of The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom and Guardians of the Holy Grail: The Knights Templar, John the Baptist and the Water of Life. Contact Mark at gnostictemplars@aol.com.

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